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Weddings: Wedding Cakes: An Illustrated Picture Guide Book: Wedding Cake Inspirations and Ideas for Your Most Special Day Plan The best Wedding Celebration (Weddings by Sam Siv) (Volume 5)

See a Huge Variety of Beautiful Cake Pictures

***The cake is one of the highlights of a wedding reception***

Are you looking for the perfect cake for your big day? This book will help you choose something that will suit your personality and preferences! Whether you want something traditional or something quirky, you will surely find inspiration in the pages of this book!

Discover inspirations and ideas for your special day and choose the perfect cake.

With the help of this book, you will be able to understand the traditions and symbolism which can help you in picking the cake you want.

We want you to have a perfect wedding, and we want to help you choose the perfect cake.

Whether you want something traditional or something quirky, you will surely find something inspiring in the pages of this book.

Amazon Reviews

WOW! Fantastic Pics!

I like the fact the author talks first about the details of the cake. Like the type of icing, different cake flavors, and of course the size. But it was all the photos that left me drooling! WOW! I recommend you buy this book. No matter what it’s going to give you some awesome ideas for your wedding cake design. Well done! – By Cathy Wilson

Oh! What a Cake!!!

Wedding is considered a special event especially to the bride and wedding cake represent the brides character and personality. Aside from those beautiful gowns that the bride wore. Wedding cake stands out from its simplicity to its grandeur, quirky and fun side. Awesome photos you have. It is truly a perfect guide to those who want to get married. – By Maria Akerson

A Must-Have for Planning a Wedding

Other than the wedding dress, one of the most important aspects of your wedding is the cake. Choosing a wedding cake can get a little overwhelming though – it’s hard to know what to choose or how big of a cake you need. If you’re planning a wedding then you need this book. Not only does it talk about sizes and how to choose a cake but there is information on flavors, icings, and more. There are is even colorful photos that you can look at to help you make a decision for one of the most important days of your life.- By Karsun

*Learn the traditions and symbolism behind the wedding cake

* Learn how to choose a wedding cake based on your own personality and preferences

* Learn tips in choosing a perfect baker

* Learn how to mix and match designs to find something you like

* Learn about the most popular wedding cake flavors

* Learn how to avoid problems about your cake on your wedding day

* Learn how to pick a cake within your budget

* Learn how to talk to your spouse about choosing the wedding cake

* Learn how to choose a creative but sophisticated looking cake

* Learn to make your traditional white cake more personal

* Cake pictures! Be inspired and get ideas for your most special day

* Much, much, more!

Download your copy today!

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