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Wedding Things: Wedding Success lessons and ideas from years of fun & experience as an MC (Wedding Master of Ceremonies Book 1)

“I have only one lifetime chance to do a dream wedding” she said. “The problem is I have no experience in this, I don’t know what to do or what not to do!”
“Nobody actually seems to have experience going into their wedding” I replied. “Everyone seems to do it once in their lifetime”

In this book I will share with you random experiences but very powerful lessons from my years of engaging, planning, managing and eMCeeing numerous wedding events. Since 2011, I have been one of these;
•Attending guest
•Organizing committee
•Wedding planner
•Mostly as a wedding reception MC
•And Once as a groom
As a Master of Ceremonies, all the perfections and flaws in wedding preparations aggregate on me as the person managing the main event. I have a top of the cliff view into most of the issues that make or break the function.
Come and enjoy the ride with me on some of my most interesting experiences and let the lessons help you to make better the next wedding you will be involved in.

James Brian Mugumire is a professional MC, auctioneer and speaker.

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