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Manasota Madness: Escaping to Manasota Key with a few friends after her heart was broken seemed like a good idea until the near hurricane hit. No one would have thought that would be the easy part.

Lindsey could forgive finding pornographic pictures of her boyfriend, Steven, but catching him with his pants down, and LA, the local subject of gossip, with her dress up at a party, meant it was time to change the locks with him on the other side of the door. To overcome the pain of his betrayal, she and three close friends drive to Manasota Key, Florida for a week. Upon arriving, she discovers Steven and LA decided to take the same vacation, at the same time. Well, you just know that’s going to create some problems. A near hurricane, a handsome stranger, and a last minute wedding to organize on the storm ravaged beach, lighten things up, while lots of love and bonds of friendship are infused with challenges and mishaps. Back home in North Carolina, her attention is directed towards building her cleaning business and a new relationship, when an unexpected tragedy muckies things up, again. Everyone is heading back to Manasota Key, including the men she had, at different times, been hopeful to find lasting love with.

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