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Makeup Brushes Set – Best Quality Professional Make Up Kit for a Cleaner Beautiful Soft Look – Essential Pro and Affordable Set for Your Eyes Lip Face Eyeshadow Cosmetic Makeup – Real Goat Hair and Synthetic Mix for Good Selection of Flat Kabuki Stippling Angled Contour Powder Brush Choice – Gift Idea for Wedding Anniversary Christmas Graduation Birthdays Teenagers – Complete with a Travel Organizer Holder Case – Forever Lifetime Guarantee!

She always looked flawless. I finally asked her how she does it and she pointed to that little pouch on her dresser and said,

“That’s my little well-kept secret!”

Till now.

She unrolled that pouch and I saw a set of beautifully handcrafted makeup brushes. She explained flawless natural makeup is all about the tools we use; makeup brushes that help you and not fight with you.

“It wasn’t always like this. I have used so many other brands. They just didn’t get the job done. Here let me show you.”

The next few minutes I was in makeup heaven. Soft, really soft, they felt like a lover’s soft caress on my face and magically covered all my flaws. Yet at the same time, it was firm when needed. My eyes, my brows, my lips, they got the attention they deserved. Especially my eyes, with each swift stroke they really came alive and I couldn’t stop smiling at the image of myself in the mirror. And as quickly as it started, she said, “There, I’m done. What do you think?”

What do I think?! I couldn’t believe my own eyes and the amazing transformation of my face. She made it look effortless. She was just standing there holding her brushes and smiling with the look that said “Told you”

I grabbed those brushes from her hands and took a closer look. miQQi. Don’t think I’ve seen them around in stores before. There was a card.

“At miQQi, we found that quality brushes were either too expensive or cheaper alternatives just weren’t made to last. We decided to make them ourselves. What you are holding is our labor of love; a set of professional grade brushes that will not break your bank. And we guarantee it. If you don’t love using them as much as we think you would, return it anytime for our miQQi No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!”

I placed my order and as a Prime member shipping is free. I will buy one for sis too.

p.s. That night, everyone said I looked great.

Product Features

  • Even, Smooth and Flawless Natural Finish, Your Friends Will Ask If You Are Wearing Makeup.
  • Hassle Free and Saves Time Because It Makes Application So Easy, Especially in the Mornings.
  • Great Selection and Good Value Professional Brush Kit Plus It Makes a Great Gift Too!
  • Soft and Dense Bristles that Pampers Your Face and Super Easy to Clean, Complete with Elegant and Handy Travel Pouch.
  • Quality Wood Handles and Aluminum Ferrules for Brushes that Do Not Shed and Are Built to Last.

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