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Makeup Brushes BESTOPE 10PCs Oval Makeup Brush Set Soft Toothbrush Foundation Eyeliner Blush Contour Brushes for Powder Cream Concealer Cosmetic Brush Set

How to use each of them
1.Pick up your choice of product with the brush,start applying the makeup from the center of the face.
2.Using a “Push and Pull” motion,glide the brush across the surface of the skin to blend.
3.Finish off blending with light,circular motions.

#1 Sweeping Brush—-Soft Fluffy Brushes, Catch Powder Volume, Easy to Makeup Natural
#2 Loose Powder Brush— Antibacterial quality bristles smooth and comfortable with soft touch
#4 Foundation Brush—The hottest brush for professional makeup
#5 Concealer Brush —A smaller size than foundation brush, applying more uniform
#6 Eyeshadow Brush —Transiting different color of eye shadow, blooming the edge of eye shadow
#7 Eyeliner Brush —Long hairs transiting eyeliner easily
#8 Small Eye shadow Brush—Flat and Sleek brush instant makeup for eyelids
#9 Eye shadow Brush—Small Round brush easier to makeup
#10 Smaller Concealer Brush —Small Round brush easier to makeup

1X Box case
10X Brushes
Top-notch Warranty provides 12-month worry-free warranty

Product Features

  • SOFT SYNTHETIC FIBERS:These makeup brushes are made of premium synthetice fiber, delicate,super soft, not shed easily,great care for your skin,suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
  • PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP BRUSHES: The brushes apply foundation,powder,concealer,eyeliner,contour,BB cream and lips etc,the brushes is so smooth its easy to apply any kind of make up you want.
  • 90° BENDABLE HANDLES:The brushes handles are made of durable nylon material can bends up to 90°, ajust to your face contour without breaking.
  • TOOTHBRUSH DESIGN:The new fashionable Oval toothbrush design with ergonomically handle, easier to hold,make this brushes stable,control the pressure pretty easily.
  • GOING FROM LARGEST TO SMALLEST:Brushes 1-3 can be used for foundations, 3-5 for contouring the forehead and cheekbones, 5-10 for concealer, 5 & 10 for eyeshadow, 6-8 for sculpting eyebrows, and 8 & 9 for lips.

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