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Graces Long Fashion Scarf Necklace with Irregular Shape Resin Alloy case Pendent

It’s the collection with fashionable, attractive, keeping warm and fashion jewelry decoration. It’s charming whenever you are shopping or just walking. So many times in our memory that we stare at a fashion lady or a cool man and cannot help admiring, not just for her beauty or his handsome, but also the decoration with a scarf.

It’s a collection with utility and cost-efficient. Compared to necklace, It’s cold-resistance because it’s also can be used as a scarf, and it is a necessity for everyone in every season. What’s more, it’s very economical and comfortable, best choice in various wearing for lady’s decoration.

Product Features

  • Material: Viscose Fabric
  • Size: L: 72inch * W: 24inch

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