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6MLThermal Change Color Nail Polish, Mosunx(TM) Temperature Chameleon oak Off Nail UV LED Polish Gel (Purple D)


It must be cured under UV or LED lamp

It changes colors to temperature change,please check the photos for reference!

When applied on full nail, it has differentcolor on the matrix and the end as the temperature of your nails is higher whencloser to your body.

It also changes colors when washing yourhands in cold/warm water or when you enter a room with different temperature

Usage Instructions:

Fileyour nail first. Remember to push back or remove excess curticle. Then cleanthe nail surface.

Optional: you may want to apply a BASE Gelfirst for perfection. Dry it under UV or LED lamp

Apply the Gel the way you do with nailpolish. It is easy.

Cure it under UV Lamp for 2-3 minutes (LEDlamp for 1-2 minutes)

Apply a second layer for if you want a moresolid color and cure it under UV or LED lamp again.

If it remains sticky after dry, remove thestickiness by Gel Cleanser.

To remove:Soak cotton pad with acetone (acrylicremover) and warp the nail. Wait a few minutes for the gel becoming soften. Ripit down gently. File away the residual gently.

Package includes :

1 X Gel Polish6ml/100pcs/box Nail Remover

Product Features

  • Perfect and Shiny Nail Art Gel Polish(Note:style A-J: without soak off; only change Color under different light)
  • Easy to apply – No special technique isrequired!
  • Apply it like polish, long lasting like UVGel
  • Last for 2 weeks or more (depending on yournatural nail growth)
  • Goodbye to removal damage – Soak off in fewminutes. No grinding. No filing.

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